Sunday, 1 January 2012

January 2012


I hope everyone had a wonderful festive Christmas and New Year!!! It is hard to believe another year has passed already. My children and I took 2 weeks off for the holiday and resumed back to light school on the December 28th but we return to our regular schooling Jan 3rd. We have several field trips planned already for the month of January. Early this month we are heading out to a 12th night celebration in a Viking long house with my husband's Regia re-enactment group. I must say the whole family is looking forward to it. There is also a planned week stay down town London while my husband is at a work conference. It is my daughter's birthday while we are there so we have tickets to a London show. Lots planned. While officially none of these field trips are school related, we will be learning tons and seeing lots of great things.

While catching up with my own blog reading over the holidays I found some great links about field trips and how to document them. I thought I would share them here with you:

ABC teach
Writing a Home school Field trip Report
Documenting a Field trip
50 fun field trip ideas
Recording field trips for transcripts
Notebooking pages for field trips

Lastly, Katie from Brighton's Park passed on a blog award to the Home School Field Trip hop!

Thank you Katie for your wonderful support of the Home school Field trip Hop!!

This site is for HOMESCHOOLER's, for sharing their field trips and methods of learning while outside the home. I am trying to distinguish this site from all the other wonderful blog hops in blog land. As a home schooler I am looking to support and encourage other homeschoolers to share in their learning adventures with their children that occur outside the home. To find out more please read the guidelines in the header bar above.

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  1. What a great list of resources and I'm thrilled that you included my free field trip notebooking pages as well. Thanks so much for helping me spread the word! Love your site. :)